Why You Need to Know What Causes Depression First

If your very close friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend has the depression, you may feel depressed sometimes as well. People who affected by depression are very easy to feel lonely and upset. Sometimes they may even commit suicide. It is always the best option to prevent something rather than fix something. Therefore understanding what causes depression is as important as finding treatments for depression.

It is believed that one of the main causes of depression is heredity. If a family has a history of depression in their lineage, then their following generations have more chances to get the depression. The opinion that depression can be hereditary is supported by many experts.

Another main cause of depression is having no self confidence. People with no or low self confidence and self esteem are very easy to suffer from depression. They always focus on negative aspects of their life and they don’t believe they have great aspects like others.

People who work under much pressure are prone to depression too. The continuing pressure makes them feel very stressful. They have little time to relax. With the time going, if they have no methods or time to release pressure, they are very close to get depressed. This is a very common cause of depression.

Researches show that individuals with the bad physical well-being have higher risk than others to get the depression.

A suddenly person loss can cause the depression as well because it may result to a major emotional letdown. Such things like a break-up, losing a close person, getting fired or simply failing to pass the driving test, can lead to the depression.

It is true that women are easy to get the depression than men. There are many contributors for the depression of women. The hormonal changes can cause them to get depressed. Some mothers have to work and take care of their babies at the same time. They are very easy to suffer from the depression.

These are the very common causes of depression. Once you know what causes depression, you should try to avoid them so you can stay far away from the depression. If something is unavoidable, like death, working under stress and so on, you should know some common symptoms of depression. This can help you to check whether you get depressed or not. If unfortunately you get it, you should seek for some good treatments for depression.